Codes are powerful, multidimensional frequencies channeled from the Akashic. Some of them are quite alien; others are within us already and need to be upgraded. 

The Suite of Codes will upgrade and rewrite the old, outdated coding we came into these bodies with so you can live your best life. 


The Suite of Codes

The power and energy in this Suite will serve you for the rest of your life. 

In this suite you'll find the entire collection of Codes. You will have access to all of them for life. These codes support you through the journey of life opening you up to the essence within you, your souls truth that is asking to be expressed.

What you will receive:

  •  The Wealth Codes -  Feb 27th start date
  •  The Generational Healing Codes - Summer
  •  The Queen Codes - Autumn
  •  The Dominant Codes - Winter

BONUS when you join the Suite:

  • The Self Care Codes - gifted to you
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The Wealth Codes

The Wealth Codes are the first of their kind, energetic transmissions from the Akashic that illuminate the disconnections and blocks to redesign your life to the frequency of abundance.

These revolutionary codes eradicate outdated patterns and replace them with new, updated frequencies that make it safe to receive in all areas of life (and allow you to be fully available for it, too).

These activations connect you to the wealth you hold within, when expressed bring abundance.

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The Generational Healing Codes

These Codes are here to break cycles and generational ties that bind us in negative ways. 

Our ancestors' energies and cellular memory fill the very blood that circulates through our bodies. The ties are beautifully electrical AND physical.

These ties give us AMAZING inherited gifts that we are able to use here and now! In the same way, we are given less useful and sometimes detrimental to us in the time we currently live in. 

This journey is for the person ready to dive in deep, open the pathways to healing, ready to move through the unknown, guided by a master energy Healer.

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The Queen Codes

An experience like no other, blending the Magick of multidimensional codes & energy work, body based somatic rituals & Magick, and intuitive coaching for a fully high level set point towards your success.

The Queen Codes are designed to help you tap into your intuition and manifest the life you desire. In this journey, you will come understand the Queen/Ruler within you and how to harness their magnificent energy within. 

You'll receive the tools, guidance, and support you need to identify and overcome limiting beliefs and blocks, discover your natural strengths and talents, and achieve your personal and professional goals.

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The Self Care Codes

Spirit told me so clearly, "You can *not* thrive in a state where your nervous system is disregulated and elevated to an unhealthy height!"

We often lovingly care for others and forget to bring the same level of care to ourselves.

In this 4-week series, we'll focus on your well being, bringing upgraded codes to your body & mind, and forever shifting the energy around self care.


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The Dominant Codes

Step into your full power with the Dominant Codes:

"The Dominant Codes have created an uplevel of my psychic gifts and my magical power. I'm finding myself better protected, my energy more dominant in my spaces, so I'm less open to debbie downers because they can't affect my energy as easily. I am having more frequent miraculous experiences. And I've only had the first dominant code. This series is exactly what I need right now and I can't wait to see what happens next." ~Leigh Ann Romano Rogers

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Let Others Inspire You.

"My journey into Generational healing with Vanessa opened healing doors in my subconscious that I didn't know existed. It's a profound experience that takes you to depths that you can't anticipate. Vanessa's gifts are truly next level; she guided me through a healing process that transcended my expectations."

Maria Macnab, Chicago

"Ever since my first Wealth Code session the way I look at wealth has shifted. Now I feel in alignment with the Universe and myself. Vanessa is such a bubble of energy, I love being in her presence. Working with her has been such a huge gift I've given myself."

Sunita Karmacharya, Boston
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The Suite of Codes

Immerse yourself in the deepest transformation

Experience the journey in it's entirety, moving through each of the portals created by the collection of Codes that have made their way to my consciousness to share.

In July, 2022 me and my dear friend Kyley Caldwell were sitting on a gorgeous balcony overlooking the ocean in Rhode Island. Our kids were all snuggled in for bed and we were enjoying the breeze off the ocean. 

I had been telling her how since receiving the Wealth Codes, my guides had been telling me that there are more to come. More to share, and I was feeling some kinda way about it. 

If felt like a lot to hold, and I wasn't sure how to distribute it, so the right people could receive it.

She understood the vastness of what I was expressing, because she had received all of these codes herself. She got quiet and closed her eyes. Then saw it...a Suite. A place where people can get a taste for the energy held within all of the codes and move through them one by one, as needed.

I knew immediately that this was the way, and that I had to do this! Not only that, I was immediately on *fire* to do it! 

So here is the culmination of three years of channeling, transcribing, formatting, activating, molding, and sharing. It is it's own entity now, ready to be taken by those who are ready to receive it.

This is the medicine I have to give, to you, to the world. 

It will change your life, it has to. You will not be the same after this experience. You can't be.

If you're ready for Ayahuasca for the soul, this is your portal to it.


All throughout this year there will be loads of support from myself an others in the private community that's included. 

I want to see you thrive, I want to see you drop old energies and emotions hiding our in your tissues and energy body that hold you back from your greatness.

I want to help you peel the layers of unwanted and unnecessary bonds from your essence so it can truly shine forth...revealing the *true you*. It is from there, that we create easily and fully.

 The Codes are multidimensional activations and *initiations* they are alive. 

This is the deepest of energy work meant to rewire you from the inside out. 

Expect big shifts, purges, and even down time from receiving them. You must be ready to do the work that goes along with them. They don't mess around. 

What you will receive:

  • The Wealth Codes - 12 week journey - Feb 27th start date *priced @ $3333*
  • The Generational Healing Codes - 8 week journey (Summer) *priced at $1111*
  • The Queen Codes - 8 week journey (Autumn) *priced at $1555*
  • The Dominant Codes - TBD (Winter) *priced at $1555*
  • The Self Care Codes - 4 week journey. Gifted to you. *priced at $497*

Totaling $8050 separately - in the bundle of the Suite of Codes is just $5997! 

The power and energy in this Suite will serve you for the rest of your life. 

In this suite you'll find the entire collection of Codes. These codes support you through the journey of life opening you up to the essence within you, your souls truth that is asking to be expressed. We begin February 27!


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