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Being able to move Energy is a GIFT, something we can all do! 

Learning to manage your energy is VITAL in your day to day interactions. The vibration of the planet is changing. During times where the energies are particularly intense, due to the collective or simply those around you, you CAN learn to ground and protect your energy. You will feel energized rather than drained! Claim your free guided meditation below.





Through the modalities I have been practicing, performing, and continuously evolving over my fourteen years of expertise, I use the Magick of Energy to bring about and help you move through Transformation in your life and business.  


"Everything is Energy, move IT, and move mountains."

Vanessa J Love is a natural born Healer and Psychic Medium and open channel, receiving these gifts from both sides of her family. By the blood of her Indigenous Mexican family, she has been channeling her Shamanic Medicine Men who guide her in her healing sessions. From the Prussian side of her mother's family she inherited the abilities of clairvoyance, mediumship, and connection to the many lives of her ancestors who were sorceresses' and herbal healers.

She has been studying all things Metaphysical since 2008, and is a Reiki Master Teacher, Hatha Yoga Instructor, Medical Qigong Practitioner, Akashic Records reader, Astrologer, and Loving Mother.

She currently uses all of her gifts to connect to others who know that time space reality is something pliable, and want to explore all the possibilities available to them in the quantum field! This means, choosing to create the life you love and LIVE it! On purpose, everyday! 

Her life's work and mission is to help you realize that YOU have the POWER. It's all in you. You can create the life your soul craves.

Her specialty is working with Healing Energy, Wealth, Abundance, Manifestation and Karma in your Astrology chart. Essentially finding your life's path, helping you begin to express it, and create your desires along the way. 

We have one life in these bodies, choose joy, love and fun!


What people are sharing...

"Vanessa is a straight-up Spiritual Awakening doula and will change your whole damn life."

Kyley Caldwell


"Vanessa is the most POWERFUL healer I know."

Amber Christine
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Resources for every stage of self-discovery. We only live once in these bodies. Choose to create a life of JOY!

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