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Through the modalities I have been practicing, performing, and continuously evolving over my fifteen years of expertise, I use the Magick of Energy to bring about and help you move through Transformation in your life and business.  


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I'm Vanessa J. Love, Quantum Healer, Master Teacher, and Psychic Advisor

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Your Life Can Transform, Let's Awaken Your Power Within.

You have the POWER

I went from being stuck in a cubicle hating my life to becoming connected to the whispers of my soul. I consciously connected to my psychic magick and inner healer. Once I could hear and communicate with these things, I was able to become the creator of my own dream, my own life.

My method aligned with my courses, will take your life in the direction you desire, to help you begin to create for yourself *like Magick* a life you love. You have the POWER and the ability to connect to all of the answers, within. Let me help you learn to listen.

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Akashic Records Journey

Experience the enchanting Akashic, a cosmic library of your soul's story. Open your heart, whether with a specific focus or an open mind, and let the ancient tomes reveal precisely what your soul craves, guiding you on a path of wisdom, healing, and self-discovery.

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Psychic Answers Tarot Reading

Receive the reflection of your soul through the cards.

We'll spend time receiving answers to your deepest questions swirling around you at this time. We'll tap into the consciousness and intelligence of your energy to bring forth the truth in all areas of your life.

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Wealth Magick

Combining astrology, channelled messages from your ancestors and guides, deep energy work, and custom CODES, we'll activate your next level of abundance.

This is a live session via Zoom

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Let Others Inspire You.

"Vanessa Love is one of the most gentle and loving souls I have ever had the pleasure to work with and has been exactly the healer I have needed through some of my toughest transitions this yearShe has helped with clearing the energy I take on from clients, helped me to feel my best even when my energy refused to stabilize, and helped me to protect my energy through shielding that was massively effective."

Emily T, Akashic Sound Healer, London

"Vanessa is so POWERFUL in her ability to transfer over a decade of knowledge over to her students. She brings her authenticity, integrity, and passion to everything she does. She shows up for her students, clients, and the world, empowered, loving, and honest. In my mind she is an intuitive Goddess who spreads love and light on this planet and can connect with people on very deep levels.

Maria M, Coach | Healer | Yoga Teacher, Chicago
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